Update – October 15, 2020

Update – October 15, 2020

As we continue to look at the Sermon on the Mount, there is a common theme that shines through. That theme is the heart. This theme comes through in Matthew 5:20 when Jesus tells us that our righteousness must exceed even the religiously elite. Essentially that means we must be perfect to be acceptable before God. The problem is that this is impossible. Jesus shows us this in Matthew 5:22. Here Jesus tells us that it is not merely enough to refrain from murder, but that even anger makes us liable for judgment. For our righteousness to exceed the religiously elite, we must not only watch our actions, but our thoughts and our desires too. This week we will see that Jesus confirms this again by saying in Matthew 5:28 that even lust will condemn you in the same way that adultery would. Therefore, obedience to rules and laws will not make us right with God. Our hearts must be changed. That is essentially what salvation is. Not merely a future spot in heaven, but transformation of the heart in this life. This week, we will look a little bit deeper into the nature of the heart as we consider what we could call, “The Sinfulness of Sin.”

As always, here are the links to our livestream, weekly prayer guide and online giving:

First – Livestream:

Continue to join us at 10:30am on Sunday mornings. 

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Second – Prayer:

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Third – Giving:

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You can also mail your offering to 1416 Main Street, Grandview, MO. 64030.

Health Guidelines: With no changes from the Health Department, we will continue in Phase 2.5 here in Jackson County. That means masks are still required. You can find the official guideline on mask wearing from the health department HERE. You can also find a video that outlines what Phase 2.5 looks like for our church HERE.

Nursery: Our nursery is now open! We have two rooms that will hold children ages 0-3. We plan to fully comply with all regulations from the CDC and Jackson County as we seek to safely and wisely care for our children. To start, the nursery will only be for our worship service. You can find the health guidelines for the nursery HERE.

Grade School Sunday School: In addition to our nursery opening back up, our 1st – 5th grade Sunday School class will be available during our Sunday School hour. This is the only children’s Sunday School class offered at this time. They will meet in the usual location, upstairs in U-5. You can find the health guidelines for this class HERE.

Sunday School: We are currently studying the book of James in Sunday School now. We will continue to meet in the Fellowship Hall this week and in the weeks to come in order to spread out and remain socially distanced. We will begin at 9:15am. You can find a video explaining what to expect in Sunday School HERE.

Awana: Every Sunday night from 5:45 – 7:30pm, children ages 3 to 6th grade are welcome to come and hear the truth about Jesus, memorize Scripture, and play games every Sunday evening. You can view our health guidelines for this ministry HERE. There will be no Bible Study and no nursery during this time.

Missouri Missions Offering: Every year, along with nearly 1,800 other churches, our church partners to pray and give concerning the Lord’s work in our state. The statewide goal is $725,000 this year. Our church goal is $3,500. I hope that you will consider praying and giving to this effort throughout this month. As with your normal offering, you can give in person, by mail or online. Just mark MMO when you do give. Check out more information about this effort HERE.

This week we will continue in our series on the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7. Again, on Sunday we will take a look at “The Sinfulness of Sin” from Matthew 5:27-30. I hope that you will join us in person or by livestream.  

Serving Him with You,

Pastor Michael Nelson


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