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Coronavirus Update

March 19th, 2020 Church Family,       I want to give you a brief update in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic about the status of our church.  Right now, everything, and I mean everything, has been cancelled until at least March 31st.  This date is a minimum and could be potentially extended, based upon the recommendations of the federal, state and local governments.  In addition, Awana has been cancelled until after Easter and the Easter Egg Hunt has been cancelled…

3-2020 Newsletter

Our Sunday morning series on 1 and 2 Timothy has us taking a closer look at “Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”. In addition to the Men’s Prayer & Lunch on March 14, and the All-Church Workday on March 21, we are also starting to prepare for the Easter season. More information about these and other events is included in this month’s news. See our other church news here.

2-2020 News

In our February newsletter we take a look at our Sunday morning series, “Dear Timothy.” It isn’t too late to sign up for the All-Church Valentine’s Dinner. We are also looking forward to our Members’ Meeting on the last Wednesday of March. See our other church news here.

1-2020 News

In our January newsletter we talk about New Year resolutions and our upcoming events – including a new prayer group that is forming on Sunday mornings and the All-Church Valentine’s Dinner. See our other church news here.