Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School & Bible Study

At 9:15 am every Sunday morning, small group Bible studies gather all over our church.  These times function as opportunities to grow in discipleship by being equipped in the word of God.   Stop by and visit our welcome center on Sunday morning for further information.


Apologetics: this is our college and career class, which is composed largely of young adults, but people of all ages are welcomed.

Mid-Adults: this class is primarily for young parents.

Couples: this class is made up of married couples.  Material may include marriage specific studies or general Bible study.

New Beginnings: this group is a mix of both younger and older individuals, married and singles, who gather together to study God’s Word.

Joy Class: this is a group of women of mixed ages who walk alongside one another through all life circumstances.

Men’s Class: this class is for senior adult men.

Kitchen Class: this is a mixed class of older couples and singles.

Berean-Ruth: this class is made up of senior adult women who are committed to Bible study and prayer.