Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update:  May 28th, 2020

Dear Church Family,

The popular term that is now being used during this pandemic is “the new normal.” Essentially what this means is that because of Covid-19, life as we know it will be different. Likely there is some truth here. If we become more aware of others and how our actions affect them and their health, then I think we could agree that this type of “new normal” would be a good thing. But, “the new normal” when it comes to how we function as a church is not something we should accept. We should not be content with virtual platforms and relationships devoid of physical contact. By definition, a church is a gathering of people who physically come together to read the Bible, sing songs of worship, hear the preached word, take communion, witness baptism, fellowship, encourage, pray, serve and evangelize. If we accept a “new normal” then we lose part of what it means to be a church. Nevertheless, gathering last week was our first step back to returning to normalcy. It was wonderful to watch the joyful expressions people had, under masked faces, as they “greeted” those whom they had not seen in weeks. This week we will have in person services along with livestream available again as we continue under our phase one guidelines. We are in complete compliance with Jackson County and have even been certified as properly following their guidelines. You can see our certificate HERE. If you are healthy and feel comfortable getting out, then I want to encourage you to come and join us this Sunday.

As always, here are the links to our livestream, weekly prayer guide, online giving and virtual Bible clubs:

First – Livestream:

Continue to join us at 10:30am on Sunday mornings. 

Facebook live:  HERE

YouTube: HERE

Guide for Worship:  HERE

Join us and invite a friend or family member to watch with you.     

Second – Prayer:

An updated Prayer Guide can be accessed:  HERE

Third – Giving:

To Give Online, Go HERE

You can also mail your offering to 1416 Main Street, Grandview, MO. 64030.

Fourth – Virtual Bible Clubs:

Virtual Bible Club Lessons and Activities can be found HERE

This coming Sunday we will start a new sermon series through the Old Testament book of Malachi.  The book of Malachi is an interesting word from the Lord as it comes to the nation of Judah after their exile but before the coming of Christ.  Join us, either in person or by livestream, as we start our summer looking at “God’s Faithful Love” from Malachi 1:1-5.

Serving Him with You,

Pastor Michael Nelson